We encourage anyone interested in the field of creative writing studies to become members of the Creative Writing Studies Organization. This includes academics who are full-time faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and administrators in higher education; contingent or non-tenure track instructors; instructors who teach creative writing in non-traditional settings; instructors teaching outside of the United States; secondary education teachers interested in the academic side of creative writing; and anyone else who wishes to contribute to the growth of this field. 

All memberships are one year in length from the date of enrollment.

Membership Options

  • Individual membership, $20/yr – For those who make $50,000 or less annually
  • Individual+ membership, $50/yr – For those who make more than $50,000 annually
  • Institutional membership, $150/yr – For up to any five members of an institution. Must use a valid *.edu address for that institution.
  • Institutional Unlimited, $300/yr – For an unlimited number of members of an institution. Must use a valid *.edu address for that institution.

Member Benefits

  • Promotion of members’ programs, events, and published works to our engaged network of artist-scholars;
  • Newsletter updates on happenings in the field, including conferences, calls for papers, and recent publications;
  • Exclusive access to our membership database to connect with others working in the field of creative writing studies;
  • The right to vote in CWSO elections, to run for positions, and to hold offices;
  • Graduate students members are eligible for our annual $1500 Creative Writing Studies Fellowship program;
  • Support for future projects such as awards for outstanding achievement in creative writing studies; travel funds to support graduate students and adjunct instructors to present creative writing research at conferences; programs to promote underrepresented voices in the creative writing community; and more.
  • Memberships also provide much-needed financial support for our open-access, peer-reviewed Journal of Creative Writing Studies and our annual Creative Writing Studies Conference.

We greatly appreciate our members’ support in strengthening the creative writing studies community!